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What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

PPC (pay per click) is an online advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, increase visibility and redeem ROI. In search Engine Marketing, PPC campaigns are based on search queries. This means that when someone feeds in a search query into search engines, relevant sponsored links (that is, paid search adverts) are triggered by the initial search query fed into the engine. For example if you search for “shoes” on a search engine, relevant adverts containing the word “shoes” will appear on the designated media space designated for sponsored links.

Our PPC Management services essentially research those relevant keywords to your company, look after bid management and optimise the performance of your entire PPC account.

How does PPC work?

In search engine marketing, advertising campaigns comprise of relevant keyword phrases that are relevant to your line of services and products that are directly relevant to your target audience search queries on the search engine platforms.

A CPC (cost per click) is estimated by the approximate bid suggested by the search engine platforms. It is then up to you to determine how high you want your bid to be, keeping in mind that higher bids (especially on competitive keywords) will win you higher positions in the search engine result pages.

That said it’s also important to keep in mind that the search engines will give your site a quality score based on the relevancy of your advert. The better the quality score that your site receives, the lower you will have to bid for relevant keywords.

How much can the bid prices be?

Keywords competitiveness varies and it depends on the number of bidders as well as the amount of bidding. We optimise for the most cost effective and relevant keywords. You can use the Google keyword tool to get a rough estimate of approximate bid, though trust that our knowledge and expertise will detect the most cost effective keywords for your business and guarantee a healthy ROI.

What makes PPC so effective?

In some ways, pay per click advertising is similar to search engine optimisation (SEO). Keyword identification, competitive analysis and constant monitoring are essential to streamline your campaigns to achieve maximum ROI.

The main difference between SEO and PPC is that pay per click advertising campaigns are more likely to generate faster results for your website, whereas effective SEO processes can take months to improve your site’s visibility on the search engines pages. Moreover, PPC can generate measurable results within just a few days and can be easily tracked to measure ROI.

PPC is not expensive to set up, and you can spend as much (or as little) as you like on your daily or monthly budget. Additionally, your ads only appear when someone searches a phrase that you have identified as being valuable to your business- which gives you full control over your spend. 

How will PPC work for my business?

Our PPC Management Services are uniquely tailored to suit your business. Once we establish a working agreement with you, you can expect 100% devotion towards your account’s success.

You have an option choosing between CPL (cost per lead) or CPA (cost per acquisition) models:

In CPL campaigns your budget is directed towards a desired lead, that is, the contact information of a person interested in your product or service. CPL campaigns are suitable for companies looking to engage customers at multiple touch-points whereby contact details are required, such as direct selling or member acquisition program, building a newsletter list, community site, etc.

In CPA campaigns your budget is directed at completed sales involving a credit card transaction. This means the acquisition process is done online with no human intervention.

The CPA model gives you less control over the acquisition process (depending on the nature of your business). It is possible that online marketing channels will not be enough to implement a sale which is usually the case in high risk/ high involvement consumer goods/services when the decision process is longer. In this case it is possible that you will decide to employ another marketing channel to assist the acquisition process, such as telemarketing or direct selling.

CPL campaigns are usually high volume and light-weight. In CPL campaigns, consumers submit only basic contact information. The “conversion” can be as simple as an email address. On the other hand, CPA campaigns are usually low volume and the “conversion” is an actual credit card transaction to your website.

Once you decide on a strategy, you will communicate to us your company’s goals and targets expectations, and decide of a budget frame for us to work in.

We will then begin establishing your PPC account, conduct the necessary keyword research, structure your campaigns, write powerful ad text, optimise your landing pages and set up a tracking system; all to ensure your account is run in the best possible way. 

Within a few days you will begin to see results and receive leads or acquisitions as derived from the budget and strategy.

Which search platforms do you optimise for?

We focus on the 5 leading ones; Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook and Linkedin.

How can you ensure the effectiveness of PPC?

Throughout our experience in the online marketing field we have developed a PPC process that proves itself over and over again.
We focus on constant analysis and optimisation of your campaigns and ensure you get the best conversion rate for your money.

Why work with Semko?

Throughout our experience in search engine marketing we have developed a PPC strategy that proved itself successful over and over again. Our process entails constant analysis and optimisation and leveraging your budget towards the most effective campaigns. Additionally we provide excellent client service; we are available to you in every step of the way- over the phone, skype, emails or frontal meetings. We always focus on providing you with the best client experience, making sure you are happy with your account performance. We are proud to say that to this day our clients are enjoying 100% success, and benefiting from a rewarding return on investment.

How much do you charge for a PPC promotion?

Our services costs are directly derived from your account’s content and reach. We do not have set management fees simply because each client is unique. Different clients have different needs and require a bespoke skill set to maximise performance. You are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to provide you a detailed quote depending on your needs.