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PPC Management

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Boost your site's productivity
  • Increase your ROI
  • Convert clicks into sales

Our PPC Management Services covers every aspect of PPC advertising, starting from:

Account Set Up

We will set up an online PPC account for your business on the relevant search engines platforms (Google, Yahoo and MSN). This account will be completely accessible to you and you will be able to view, track and amend all activities.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the core of PPC paid search advertising. Your entire account revolves around these keywords, and these keywords will determine your account’s performance. This is why it is so important to research keywords relevance, search volumes, and competitiveness when selecting core keywords for your account. Semko uses the latest tools as well as our own experience and sensibility to ensure the best keywords are selected for your account, and by that guaranteeing a healthy ROI for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Alongside the Keyword Research process and via thorough analysis we are able to detect the gap in the market for your industry. We recognise the margin of opportunities you need to focus on in order to not only distinguish yourself from competition but to beat it too.


Our bidding system is bespoke to your account. We bid on keywords manually, allowing us more control over performance, and ensuring your budget is squeezed to its fullest. This method virtually guarantees you get more business for your money.

Ad Text

We compose powerful advert texts that prompt your target audience to click on your adverts, scoring you high CTR (click through rate) which supports the performance of your entire account.

Landing Page Optimisation

Whether you provide us with the adequate landing pages or whether we produce them for you, we make sure that your landing pages fully correspond to the ad texts and provide meaningful incentives that achieve you maximum conversions.

PPC Management, Optimisation and Strategy

Once you have your account set up and running, we constantly optimise your campaigns based on a thorough daily analysis. We live and breathe your account to make sure the most profitable ad groups are active; attracting the maximum convertible traffic for your line of services and products. Additionally we supply analytical reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis giving you profound insight to your account’s performance.

Recognising New Opportunities

When an account has been running for a substantial amount of time (usually 3-6 months), trends become to emerge and performance is stable and predictable; at this point we begin to search for new opportunities within the market to expand the reach of your account. At this point we would search for more keywords based on the knowledge accumulated during your account’s running time.


We advise our clients to measure the performance of Ad Text as well as Landing Pages by conducing structural tests, measuring conversion share of Text Ads and Landing Pages. Semko Ad Text and Landing Page Testing:
we measure success by isolating variables and tracking conversions. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to draw aggregated conclusions that give you strategic insights to increasing conversions.
Website Optimizer: we use Google’s online tool for AB Testing and Multi Variant Testing. Website Optimizer is a testing and optimisation tool that increases the value of your website and traffic. It is used to test site content and design to improve performance and generate higher ROI.

Regular Client Meetings and Excellent Customer Service

When we manage your PCC account you can be sure you're in the right hands. We offer regular meetings as well as constant phone, email and Skype availability. We go the extra mile not only to maximise your ROI and deliver measureable results but to also give you the best customer experience. Our clients often think of us as their own PPC in house team, because we truly get involved beyond measures to ensure your company reaches its marketing targets. It’s quite simple actually; your success is our success.