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The truth about choosing your SEO provider...

Probably most SEO providers will offer you the same services, which is because we all know what you want to hear when deciding to promote your website. Some Companies will emphasise the hard work and the long hours they will spend, some will try to impress you with technical terms, some will say how well they will expose your site to social media network, some will say how genuine their link building is, and some will impress you through content and god knows what..., we all know what SEO is about.   

So how can you choose the right company? Probably you will know only few months after you hired one and tested the website’s performance.

So why are we so special?

  1. 1) we will always tell you the truth about your site's performance at any single moment of our campaign.
  2. 2) we are SEO practitioners rather than specialists like all others (yes there is a difference)
  3. 3) ah, and we actually do work hard...


So why Search Engine Optimization?

  • Cost effective - Fixed price & High Value
  • Boost your site's productivity
  • Increase your business organic exposure
  • Focus on web standards

Our SEO Services covers every aspect of Search Engine, starting from:

Website Analysis and Strategy

We strongly believe that now days search engines are looking for genuine websites that match searchers expectations. Top search engines will look into relevance between the search term and results from the web. For that reason we will first of all make sure your website is complying with high standards of content and structure. We will set up an appropriate call for action and will suggest visual improvements to decrease bounce rate. 

Keyword Research

Keywords are the core of SEO. This is why it is so important to research keywords relevance, search volumes, and competitiveness when selecting core keywords for your account. Semko uses the latest tools as well as our own experience and sensibility to ensure the best keywords are selected for your website.

Competitor Analysis

Alongside the Keyword Research process and via thorough analysis we are able to detect the gap in the market for your industry. We recognise the margin of opportunities you need to focus on in order to not only distinguish yourself from competition but to beat it too.

Link Building

Link building plays a major role in SEO. However, not all links are beneficial. For this reason we work extremely hard to build a genuine links combination, both inbound and outbound, so not only does your rank increase, your site's exposure grows significantly. 

Onsite Optimisation

We compose powerful on site optimization using the latest tools to improve all aspects of your site. We improve the code for website health, quicker response, avoiding crawl errors.

Social Networks

Increase the exposure and popularity on social networks through regular updates. 

Recognising New Opportunities

When an account has been running for a substantial amount of time (usually 3-6 months), trends become to emerge and performance is stable and predictable; at this point we begin to search for new opportunities within the market to expand the reach of your account. At this point we would search for more keywords based on the knowledge accumulated during your account’s running time.

Regular Client Meetings and Excellent Customer Service

When we manage your SEO you can be sure you're in the right hands. We offer regular meetings as well as constant phone, email and Skype availability.